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By delivering precise, vibrant images and colors, Direct View LED displays are becoming increasingly popular across retail, entertainment, and hospitality as businesses seek to differentiate themselves and elevate their brand.

Custom DirectView displays offer unparalleled flexibility in terms of size, shape, and resolution, enabling you to create unique and memorable AV experiences that captivate and engage your audience. Our DirectView LED displays are designed to your requirements and specifications, offering a fully tailored and immersive visual experience.

in action with SBC

SBC is a top custom LED display maker since 2004. They produce high-quality LED video wall products for various industries worldwide, including studios, theaters, concerts, and stadiums.

XS-CRYSTAL Fine Pitch Series

High brightness, high contrast, and ultra-high definition creates perfect picture quality that easily attracts people’s attention and greatly enhances customer confidence.


FHD = 1920x1080 

2k = 2560x1440

4k = 3840x2160

Standard 16:9

High Definition Pixel-to-Pixel Resolution

3840Hz Refresh and >60Hz frame rate provide ideal solution for production environments and motion content

Flex Series

Direct View Custom LED Applications

Go beyond traditional displays

Traditional display technologies, such as LCD and projection, have limitations in terms of size, shape, and resolution, which can restrict businesses from creating memorable AV experiences.

Direct View LED displays solve these limitations by providing unmatched flexibility while offering vibrant, high-contrast images and colors with seamless bezel-free viewing. Direct View LED displays are also more durable and require less maintenance than traditional display technologies, making them a cost-effective and reliable solution.

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The benefits of DirectView LED solutions

• Tailored to Your Needs

• Unmatched Flexibility

• High-Quality Visuals

• Cost-Effective

• Energy Efficient

• Future-Proof