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HD Assurance provides unparalleled technical support and training for all equipment purchased through HD Distributing. Our well trained and professional staff have experience with a wide array of standards-based conferencing solutions and unified communication platforms, allowing for quick and efficient response to customer needs. Whether it's a single endpoint implementation or a full enterprise infrastructure deployment, HD Distributing serves as your on-call tech support.

Comprehensive Technical Support
Our technical experts are ready to help you set-up, maintain or troubleshoot your equipment. All calls are answered by a live, certified engineer, during regular business hours. After-hours support is available.

Individually Tailored Training
HD provides one-on-one or group training as needed for your organization. Training programs are customized to fit your needs and provide users with confidence in system operation. Whether you have questions about basic system usage or high level systems administration, you will leave our trainings prepared to handle such situations.

Software Updates & Upgrades
aving an active maintenance contract allows customers to access the latest software updates and upgrades. These offerings provide system optimization from simple bug fixes to major feature and functionality improvements.

Advanced Replacement
RADVISION products offered through HD Distributing include advanced replacement. In the case of an equipment failure, replacement parts or hardware will be shipped next day delivery to ensure minimal downtime and maximize efficiency.

Our Level 1 and 2 Support Services provide both the reseller and end-user on-demand access to HD Distributing’s sales and support team. Support issues can range from the most basic questions about system usage to configuration and deployment in the most complex networks.  When necessary, our team works with the manufacturer’s technical and engineering teams to resolve issues and deliver outstanding customer service. With HD Assurance, maintenance renewals are tracked automatically and a notification is sent when your equipment maintenance contract is up for renewal. For added savings and convenience, long term service plans are available.



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